Jason Sawtelle

Product Designer / Creative Director

I foster teams of happy Creators:

My twenty years of hands-on experience allows me to build trust with Designers, Developers, and Animators—because they can check my work. When there is trust amongst Creators we will explore, play, and deliver great work.

Clear process and intentional collaboration, please:

Modeling and reinforcing good habits is the foundation for a healthy culture. I love asynchronus workflows where everyone works at their best pace while communicating cross-functionally to remove blockers.

I love clean and lean UX:

I've built a few micro-products to "scratch-my-own-itch" and to push myself to learn more about building with API's and JS.

Let’s dive head-first into Marketing:

Strategy, Media, Partnerships, PR, Distribution, Community Management, CRM, and Creative. That’s a lot of PowerPoint decks. I read them all. I also ask pointed questions that cut through to the essence of the campaign.

For more details, visit my LinkedIn Profile, Resume, and my Portfolio.